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Oxytech Gulvmodell

Oxygenation – aeration – recirculation
Oxytech oxygen dissolver is the most effective model in the market today. Sterner deliver 5 standard sizes made of PE material for the use in both freshwater and saltwater. With Airsep oxygen generators it is possible for fish farms to produce their own oxygen locally at a low cost. Both column aerators and vacuum aerators are important product for smolt and juvenile production, especially if the intake water is warmed up. Sterner’s original CO2-aerators has been very helpful for smolt plants to increase their production at the same water flow. There are examples of fish farms having doubled the production while maintaining equally responsible husbandry.





Screening – filtering
Sterner has delivered more than 100 drum filters and disc filters for non pressure filtering during the past 2o years. Non pressure filtering is the most effective method of filtering soft particles. Sterner also delivers a wide variety of pressure screens, where Krone, KAF and Bernoulli are the most useful in this context. Sterner will delivered a tailor made solution for the individual customer.


Effective disinfection of intake water is necessary for preventing disease agents to entering the fish farm. We deliver solutions based on ozone and UV, depending of water quality and intended use. The combination of effective filtering and well dimensioned disinfection is the safest way of preventing disease outbreaks.

Monitoring and process control
All our systems and equipment come with modern systems for monitoring, control and communication . This will ensure total control with key factors and hands-on operation of the equipment. We also supply a wide specter of hand held measuring equipment that are simple to use in daily routines.