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BioClear RAS systems
BioClear is Sterner’s complete signature system for water treatment and re-use. BioClear is a complete system which incorporates of all our knowledge and experience in water treatment, gas exchange, oksygenation, fish transport, grading, dead fish handling etc. There is a strong focus on tidy water supply, to prevent diseases from entering. We also apply ozone treatment both before and after the bioreactor, combined with excellent filtration. These steps bring about a clear water aspect to the RAS-system.



BioClear RAS module

This works in the same way as the above, in addition to the RAS module there is a large tank for the fish “balancing” the water treatment system. The module can be delivered with or without the fish tank. The module principe ensures that each tank is a separate unit, protected from contamination. Each tank can be given individual temperatur and salinity, and the development of the farm may progress in steps, in accordance with standing stock and a moderate investment strategy.

through plant
We also offer flow-through systems with water re-use. The combination of our tank solutions with gas exchange, oxygenation, dead fish handling etc.  will provide an economic, straight forward and easily manageable plant.

Intake water treatment
Sterner offers complete units for the treatment of intake water, be it freshwater for ozone/UV treatment or seawater with pumps, filters and UV-treatment.