New Alfa Flex Panel

Sterner is proud to release the new patented Hydrotech filter panel named Alfa Flex. The Alfa Flex filter panel is a breakthrough in designing of filter panels and can increase the capacity of existing drum filters up to 20%. The Alfa Flex filter panel is compatible with almost all drum filters, which are able to fit existing Hydrotech type drum filter panels.

Filtration Speed

Sludge Production (Volume)

Sludge Concentration (NTU)

Mounting instructions (standard assembly execution)

  • One panel per segment will be mounted in the “lifting” direction (+ symbol in the rotational direction). All other panels will be mounted with the symbol – (non lifting) in the rotational direction.
  • The lifting panels will be mounted in a straight row (same position on the drum) throughout the length of the drum, see picture below.
  • If the ALFA-Flex filter panels should be mounted in any other way or if the old filter panel should be used, it should be clearly indicated in the production order.
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