Sterner Vacuum degasser

To prevent gas supersaturation, we have designed highly efficient degassing systems for aquaculture. This system is based on the principle of vacuum degassing. A slight negative pressure in the air is an effective way of ensuring that the total gas pressure is reduced to less than 100% saturation.

The aerator has lifting points at the top. These can be used for suspension of the aerator, or it can stand on the pipes that hold the bottom plate in place. The degassser should be placed approx. 200 - 300mm below water level

Advantages of Sterner vacuum degassers:

  • High efficiency
  • Large capacity
  • Low energy consumption
  • Affordable investment
  • Simple to operate and regulate
  • Available in standard sizes from 500 - 5000 liters / min (others on request)

Sterner Column degassing

Column degassers are used to achieve a normal gas balance in water. After water heating, high nitrogen saturation can be fatal for the fish in the 105-115% range. In the area of ​​102-105%, surveys show that it may be harmful to the fish.

Column degassers are also well suited in recycling plants to supply oxygen to water as well as to ventilate harmful gases. Due to ourunique biomedia in Sterner column degassers, a large contact surface between air and water is achieved. The column degassers are made in standard sizes with heights of 1700 mm or 2000 mm. Diameter from 300 to 1200mm and capacities from 500 - 10000 litres / min.

Co2 degasser

This is a self-cleaning, module-based degasser that can be adapted to individual needs.

The aerator has following product benefits:

  • Self-cleaning.
  • Removes guaranteed 60% of CO2 in the water.
  • Requires minimal maintenance.
  • Module based
  • Available for placing in existing tanks.

Probably the most efficient CO2 degasser on the market!

The CO2 degasser is a self-cleaning cascade-type, it works with air flow and water flow. Filling media is constructed of horizontal layers of PP panels, each with many small channels that the cascade of water must pass through. The water cascading through the panels accelerates airflow in the same downward direction, while powerful turbulence makes the gas exchange from water to air efficient. The CO2 degasser operates without air fan, but for indoor's installation where it is important to vent air with high CO2 content, the air fan is fitted with an axial fan. The design is modular, which reduces manufacturing costs and facilitates installation work on existing plants. The system consists of a top distribution module (s) for the water, filler media module (s) and when the installation is complete in its own unit there is also a tank module. The module is produced in two standard lengths; The short has a maximum capacity of 1500 l / min each and the longer 3000 l / min.

CO2 Degasser