Drum filter

Non pressurized or gravimetric filtration provides a gentle particle separation that is important, for example, in applications where the particles are easily broken.

In aquaculture, the drum filter has been a preferred solution especially for wastewater treatment and as a component in RAS plants. This is because particles in this type of water are small and larger particles easily breaks down due to shear forces. In a RAS plant it is also important to remove the smaller particles.

NP Innovation Drumfilter

Disc filter

The disc filter differs from the drum filter primarily through the way the filter surface is built. The slice filter creates sections with filter surfaces with each associated flushing system. When the water levels get large, this limits the length and the diameter of the drum structure due to the weight of the shaft. Additionally, a disc filter will provide greater filter area on the same exterior flat targets.

Krone KSF

The KSF filter is characterised by it's high performance, low weight and space-saving design, as well as extremely fast and easy cleaning.

  • Flexible combination of filter housing sizes, filter surfaces and connection flanges.
  • 12 filter housing sizes can be combined with different flanges, ensuring adaptation to existing processing equipment and amount of contamination.
  • A variety of variable filter surfaces are available

Krone KRF

KRF Backwash Filter is a versatile self-cleaning, maintenance-free filter for water and pre-treated process water.

Krone KAF Bernoulli

The KAF Bernoulli filter is a versatile, self-cleaning and practically maintenance-free filter for removing particulate contaminants from heavily contaminated water as well as process fluids, for example. from natural water sources (seawater, river water), as well as heating or cooling circuits and processes.

The filter operates at as low a working pressure as 0.3 bar, and is characterized by an extremely low pressure drop of 0.09 bar at high throughput. It has a simple, robust construction with high performance, low weight and small construction dimensions.

· From a working pressure of 0.3 bar

· The filter can be installed in a pipe system in any position

· Filtration step x 160 microns (100 μ available) - 100 mm

NP Innovation Pre Filter


Sterner Prefilter is a useful product that can be customized for a wide range of applications.

The prefilter consists of a wedge wire surface that is cleaned with a scraper at a given frequency. The scraper drive is based on the same maintenance-free composite chain as the drum filters Sterner delivers. The scraper makes sure that you get hard material from the screen surface, reducing the need for manual maintenance. The prefilter is usually supplied with a flushing device, however due to the mechanical cleaning of the surface at regular intervals, the usage of backflush water is very low.

Sterner Prefilter is customized to include the following applications:

  • As a prefilter integrated into drum filter installations to extract coarser particles such as feed residues
  • As fish barriers, it avoids clogging and reduction of hydraulic capacity
  • As dewatering steps in processes for lice treatment, the purpose is to hold back the loop and release the water