AquaScan fish counters are based on a patended measuring principle which delivers both high capacity and accuracy. The fish flows through a pipe and passes an advanced sensor that registers its size and speed.
The large amount of registered data is continuously transferred to a Control Unit, which will process data from up to 4 counters at the same time.

The system is not dependent on the fish passing one by one. When several fish pass the sensor at the same time, the Control Unit will use an continuously updated average weight as a base for calculating the correct number and size of the fish.

Advanced electronics and software ensures that the number and size of the fish are always reliable.

AquaScan Fish Counter

CSE Pipeline Counters (1g - 18kg)

The CSE series are our range of counters typically used in combination with grading and similar operations. These dry-counters require only a small amount of transport water for the fish passing through. They have standard DN flange connection that makes the installation very simple. We also have adapters for pipe connections.

The CSE is a very flexible series of counters that are easy to use either as standalone counters, connected to a pipeline system or mounted directly on a grader.

CSW Flatbead Counters (0.2g - 1kg)

The CSW series are flatbed counters developed for very high capacity counting of fry and smolts.

Registration Units CSW-type consist of a flat and wide counting channel. The fish will be spread out over a flat surface and extra high capacity can be achieved. Used typically for delivery/transport of fish. CSW-series is a compact modular system consisting of 1,2,3 or 4 Registration Units.

They come with special fit racks, and can be used alone or easily be mounted side by side for multiple channels. Unlike the other counter-series, these do not have a pipe installed. The fish will flow freely over the whole scanning area.

AquaScan CSW Counter
AquaScan CSF Counter

CSF FullyFlooded Counters (1g - 30kg)

The CSF-series are a line of counters made for moving large amounts of fish at high speeds in pipeline systems that are completely filled with water.

Even with the high speed and efficiency, the fish will experience a minimum of stress. The CSF-counters are simply connected to existing pipes, becoming just another short pipe for the fish to pass. All CSF-units has a built in surveillance camera for complete control of the counting.

These counters are made primarily for well-boats and larger onshore sites with continuous-flow pumps large enough to be able to deliver a steady waterflow at high speeds.

The CSF counters are a result of several years of experience and development in imaging technology with pipe/water arrangements.

The core of the patented CSF-technology is measuring fish in a circular pipe filled with water. The advantage is a complete arrangement with circular pipes from beginning to end.