Sterner as a group has over 20 years experience in fish handling, regardless of fish size, species or application, Sterner can help with a reccomendation.

Our manufacturers include Aqualife Biostream and Euskan's range of vacuum systems.

AquaLife BP120 Fish Pump

Aqualife Products Biostream

The Aqua-Life BioStream aquatic transfer pump features self priming, variable speed electric drive operation.

  • Optional remote control operation available.
  • All aluminium and stainless steel construction.
  • The BioStream's gentle fish handling, along with its small physiscal size, make it the perfect hatchery pump.

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AquaLife Biostream Fish Pumps

Euskan Vacuum Systems

Euskan was established in 2007 by a group of people with many years of experience within fish handling.

Fish handling includes a variety of disciplines, such as pumping, grading, storing, cooling, weighing etc. Based on our own products – occasionally in combination with equipment from other suppliers in the business – we make highly engineered solutions. We are on a constant search for better technical solutions, aiming for better yield and reduced energy consumption – in other words; we see ourselves as leaders in contributing to the future sustainability of this business.

euskan fish pump
Pin Pin Fish Pumps

Impex Pin-Pin

The Pin Pin Z-65L-S (2.5” connection) was released in 1998 and was the first live fish transfer pump in the world for fingerlings, that is equipped with speed adjustment. It has revolutionised the way that fingerlings are transferred.

Since then two additional models have been introduced, Z-100 (4” connection) and Z-150 (6” connection). All three models have been built according to the same principles.

Gentle Fish Handling

The FRP moulding technique with mirror-like inner surface prevents damages and stress to the fish.


The volume of water and fish can be adjusted according to speed control fitted on pump with a range from 0 – 100%. Remote control is optional and allows full speed control of pump from up to a distance of 500 m.

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