OxyGuard Pacific

OxyGuard Pacific is a complete process control system for aquaculture. It is both multi-channel and multi-parameter, and forms a modular small size complete system. Large installations can be divided into sections, so that staff “on the ground” can know when something nearby needs attention.

Pacific is a measuring, monitoring and control system designed for use in fish farms. The new Web Interface software makes it very easy to access a Pacific. The owner of a small farm can use any local computer or even smartphone anytime, anywhere to assure himself that all is well. Pacific is a  member of the Commander series of equipment, it can be used both as a stand-alone system or as a part of a larger Commander Pacific system.

  • Up to 20 probes : wired, wireless
  • Combination of relays and digital inputs/outputs (up tp 30 of each)
  • P-NET, TCP/Modbus, TCP/IP, USB
  • Built-in data logger
  • Touch-screen

OxyGuard Convoy

The Convoy is an OxyGuard Commander system designed to control, monitor and record the dissolved oxygen and temperature of tanks in vehicles used for transporting living fish.

The system incorporates a number of features that make it exceptional for protecting the large values represented by live fish:

* Proportional control of oxygen dosing to each tank.
* Temperature control of each tank.
* Full data logging at ten minute log intervals.
* Hard copy of maximum, minimum and average values for each tank.
* Automatic alarm – both in the cab and extemally as desired.
* Small yet effective control panel with display.

Control is individual for each tank. The system is build up in modules and can be added to as appropriate.

Transportation Monitoring

OxyGuard Commander

The OxyGuard Commander is a water quality monitoring, metering, and control system with practically unlimited capabilities.

Commander combines newly designed input and output units and software with a tried-and tested bus network to provide both small and large users with a very economic solution that is easily and precisely adapted to their exact needs. The various Commander input and output units and the flexibility of its software enable it to be used for most metering, monitoring and control functions found in a modern aquaculture facility.

Via a PC running the main Commander program connection is possible both to other fieldbus systems and other computers. The latter can be performed through the office network or through the internet. A Commander System can thus become a part of the overall data system of the fish farm or mother company, enabling operation to be finely tuned to market demand trends to give a strategic advantage.

OxyGuard Commander