GSO ozone generators

Wedeco GSO Series ozone generators are widely used for both disinfection and oxidation of all types of process water in industry, laboratories and pilot plants.

Wedeco GSO Series of ozone generators are designed for producing ozone with a higher concentration (anode 13 % weight) in a more efficient way.

The GSO generators produce the highest ozone volume at the lowest energy consumption. All system parameters are measured and visualized, to ensure a safe and reliable operation. The result being maximum ozone production, minimum running costs and an excellent degree of reliability.

Ozone generator SMOevo

SMOevo is designed to be the best choice for all applications.

The Wedecos SMOevo series of ozone generators combines maximum flexibility and reliability for small to medium ozone facilities. The ozone generator system and control unit can be combined and supplemented with various additions that allow project-specific adaptations for almost all applications.

SMOevo ozone generators are manufactured in two different versions: 1) Greenline with maximum energy efficiency and low lifetime operating costs and 2) the somewhat less expensive Smartline.
Regardless of which version is chosen, there is always a SMOevo that meets the customer's needs.