BioClear RAS Module

Sterner has developed a module based RAS-system, where each tank unit has its own recirculation plant (RAS)

Compared to traditional centralised RAS systems the Module solution brings several advantages:

  • Each unit is a biosecure
  • Full control for temperature and salinity
  • Modular design allow future expansion
  • Extremely low running costs compared to traditional RAS

BioClear RAS

Sterner’s long experience in water treatment, has allowed the possibility of developing new aquaculture systems using land based technology. Sterner can deliver complete turn-key systems to meet end users production targets.

BioClear encompasses many of the technologies within the Sterner portfolio. Our knowledge and experience in water treatment, gas exchange and oxygenation, along with a strong focus on good disinfection of water supply achieved with filtration, ozone and UV.