The Sterner ABR-process is an anaerobic biological process which produces biogas and also removes suspended solids in the effluent water from aquaculture. In this way effluent treatment is combined with energy production. This is of special interest in larger plants, where traditional mechanical dewatering and drying becomes too large and energy demanding.
The unique trait of the process is its compactness for being an anaerobic biological process, as methane-producing bacteria normally works very slowly. The sludge residue may be dewatered in the Sterner MAT process. The energy can be used in other processes and improve the energy balance.

MAT – process

The MAT-process is developed for the dewatering and drying of the sludge fraction after filtering effluent in aquaculture. The sludge from such plants does not contain fiber and is therefore difficult to process mechanically.
Sterner has developed a unique solution which:

  • Can handle variable loads (volume and concentration)
  • Gives a stable dry matter content of 90 % on end product (storage stable)
  • Has a low energy need and low running costs
  • Has a low need for maintenance and inspection
  • Easily can be expanded to larger effluent volumes