Pisces Underwater Lights

The fundemental role of the Pisces lights are to slow down the maturation process of the fish, whilst maintaining growth. In the afternoon or evening, the Pisces lights maintain daylight levels and expose the fish to a process called photoperiod manipulation.

Photoperiod manipulation allows for the fish to be put to sea at several times throughout the year instead of during the normal springtime.

The Pisces range of lights are designed for vertical suspension, with a lifting eye alongside the cable entry point.

400watt Fish Farm Light

Pisces 400w Underwater Light

The Pisces 365 & 400 are submersible, pendant, fish cage illuminators with an outstanding record of reliability season after season.

The luminaire embodies either a 365 or 400 watt, metal halide lamp, offering an output closely resembling natural daylight. It is self contained, easy to handle, streamlined and corrosion proof

Pisces 1000w Underwater Light

Similar to the Pisces 400, the Pisces 1000 is a submersible, pendant, fish cage illuminator.

The luminaire embodies a 1000 watt, metal halide lamp, perfect for large cages. The 1000 watt lamp gives up to 90,000 lumens of light output.

The power feed cable presents a polyurethane jacket that guards against corrosion and abrasion by fish stock.

Pisces lamps should not be used out of water.

1000watt Fish Farm Light