Spektron UV

Small and large UV systems for water flows up to 1 480 m3 / h. The range consists of 12 models of different sizes.

All models are dosimetrically tested for use in waterworks and allow for withdrawal of signals to SD systems via terminal connections in the control cabinet. Characterized by new technology that provides optimal hydraulic conditions through the chamber and thus fewer lamps per m3 of disinfected water.

Duron UV

New and effective UV-system for effluent disinfection.

The unique advantages of Duron are the position of the UV-lamps in regards to the water flow and the service-friendly design. The lamps are tilted 45 degrees. The quartz glasses are equipped with circular pneumatic driven cleaning wipers, which ensures a problem-free operation in a demanding environment.

Quadron UV

Xylem's Wedeco Quadron is the experts choice when looking for the market's best solution for UV disinfection, which requires minimal space.

Quadron’s compact design is due to a package of extremely powerful medium pressure UV-lamps and a special hydraulic design. The compact design makes Quadron fit almost in any space. Quadron’s power of disinfection is guaranteed through the strongest tests of validation and certification, these are UVDGM and DVGW.

Quadron is a medium pressure aggregate with a capacity of  600-4000 m3/hour.

Available as:
Quadron 600
Quadron 1200
Quadron 3000