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These popular belt feeders slowly dispense feed over a 12 or 24 hr period. If a shorter length or intermittent feed is desired, the belt can be pulled back halfway or food can be spaced on the belt.

FIAP Clockwork Belt Feeder Pro

Advanced version of FIAP Belt Feeder Standard

For many years, the original’s advanced version FIAP Belt Feeder Pro has been the most frequently deployed automatic feeder in pisciculture. We offer FIAP Belt Feeder Pro in two different sizes (hold capacity of 3 and 5 kg) and with two different run times (12 and 24 hours). FIAP Belt Feeder Pro is most suitable for feeding spawn and fry, and allows for dosing buffering agents and pharmaceuticals. An ultimate novelty with this version is the drive shaft made from seawater-resistant aluminum with integrated conveyor belt. The innovative spring-loaded center bolt allows for removing the entire conveyor belt with a single hand movement. An integrated slide ring bearing ensures FIAP Belt Feeder Pro’s clock unit to always function constantly and accurately. The option to remove the entire conveyor unit for cleaning (disinfection) makes this feeder even more user-friendly. This innovation serves to relieve the clock unit and to enhance FIAP Belt Feeder Pro’s service life. Casing and cover feature excellent weather resistance properties and long durability. It’s a step towards a new era, making an economic impact on each and every production plant.