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Aquatics and Research

The Aquatics sector, that which deals with smaller fish in smaller quantities, is a fast growing market and we offer a full range of products to assist our clients, whether they are hobbyists, stockists or research based.

Exotic fish

Our range of FIAP products provide the hobbyist, stockist and grower with a full suite of equipment to grow, feed and keep fish healthy. With consumables ranging from nets to pH pens, from clockwork feeders to plate filters we can provide the product to match any requirement. As the authorised dealer for Teco, we have the UK's largest stock of units and spares.


Controlled, consistent water temperature and quality is essential for research establishments, and our broad experience of design and installation of full recirculation systems comes to the fore in these situations. Mechanical filtration using small Hydrotech drum filters provide years of performance with unparalleled reliability, which can be augmented using protein skimmers if required. Temperature conditioning, bio-towers and degassing provide a treated supply for recirculation with a final pass through a LOG 4 UV kill to ensure maximum protection. Coupled with automated feeding systems, and full monitoring, logging and control through the Oxyguard Commander system we can provide a design and installation to meet your requirements.


Water quality in aquariums is key for many reasons, and our suite of water treatment products for aquaria systems provide excellent water quality in terms of filtration, turbidity, oxygen and pH control. Effective cleaning and polishing of the water using filtration, skimming, degassing and bio-towers, with a pass through UV filtration means a consistent water quality is maintained. Portable monitoring using YSI instruments allows multiple readings to be taken at various points, and downloading of data to a PC is easy with the dedicated software.