Effluent treatment


Effluent from chicken slaughter  untreated (left) and treated (right)

Sterner delivers complete solutions for treating effluents from municipal and industrial origin. We have a wide experience with mechanical, chemical and biological water treatment, as well as sludge treatment and biogas production. We are continuously developing our systems and processes for higher performance to the benefit of our customers. Our commitment is to deliver best solutions available.

Mechanical treatment:
Sterner delivers all types of screens, presses, cleaners, belt filters and drum filters from well recognized suppliers.

Chemical treatment:
Sterner delivers coagulation and flocculation systems in tank or tube shape, systems for sedimentation (lamella or classic) or flotation.

Bioreactors/biogas systems:
Our aerobic solutions (MBBR) are deliverded in close cooperation with Aqwise, a large global supplier of bioreactors for both municipal and industrial water treatment. Our aerobic solutions is supplied mainly by Aqana, who holds a deep knowhow in how to re-build aerobic systems into anaerobic systems, with the subsequent production of biogas.

Sludge treatment/biogas:
Sterner holds considerable experience in sludge processing, as thickening ande de-watering and the use of sludge for either biogas production or incorporating into organic fertilizers.

We deliver systems for the disinfection of effluents, based on UV, ozon or hypoclorite.

With our knowledge and experience in all steps of effluent treatment Sterner is a complete supplier of the whole value chain in effluent treatment. Sterner delivers turn-key solutions where modern technology is adapted to the effluent in question. This results in a user-friendly, effective solution with low operation costs and minimum need of maintenance.


Increasing concern for envirionmental aspects have led to a need for higher performance of effluent treatment in aquaculture. Even in closed pens at sea, sludge treatment may become a demand from the environmental authorities. In this contexts, sludge processing will be the next step following the effluent treatment.

Sterner’s MAT-process is a complete solution for sludge treatment where particles in the effluent are collected in at filter. The end product of the process is a fully organic sludge product with a dry matter content well above 90 %. As the dried sludge can be stored for a long period this facilitates further use and effective transport. Read more about the MAT-process.