Sterner is today the largest norwegian owned company in water treatment. The reason for this has been our ability to implement our products in new markets, as well as the development of new products and processes. At the start of the early 1990s, our focus was on the aquaculture industry, especially on individual components such as handheld measuring equipment and oxygenation.

Our vision is to adapt modern technology into an economical, user-friendly and secure solution, with low operating costs and long life span.

Our progress is founded on a profound understanding of market needs, as well as the ability to use technology and apply good operating systems. This has contributed greatly to modernizing land-based fish farming, where our solutions still are leading.

As an intended policy, management has included people who can contribute to complementing the skills of the company in different ways. At the same time, our increasing number of projects has demanded an increased focus on skilled project managers and being a major service organization.

We supply process components and complete water treatment systems, and our customers are found in aquaculture, wellboats, food industry and municipalities. Our solutions in the field of gas exchange, filtration, purification and disinfection of water have in many ways set the standard.


Our proprietary CO2 aerators make it possible for any fish farm to double production without increasing water flow. This is done for a very reasonable investment.
Our proprietary oxygen mixers, which are by far the most effective in the market.

As a primal supplier, we offer plants for drying sludge from fish farming to a dry matter content of more than 90%, so that it becomes stable and can be stored without decay.
Sterner has come the furthest in technology on biogas plants on sludge from fish farms. With the increased development of post-smolt facilities, interest in such facilities will also increase.
We build modular recycling systems (RAS)
We have supplied facilities in containers for various purposes, as well as built ski-mounted water treatment plants for postpolishing and disinfecting wastewater to over 25 of the world's largest cruise ships.
We know that the development of processes is ongoing and that our products in the future can become a component in a broader context and that our existing processes will be used in new contexts.

We are well-equipped for the future and bring with us the exciting and important ballast that our history is. Even though we are now a larger organization, we still have the goal of being flexible and innovative.

Our headquarters are on Ski, 25 km southeast of Oslo. We have branch offices in Porsgrunn, Bergen, Trondheim and Leknes in Lofoten.

We welcome you to our company and to benefit from our solutions!