Well boats

Polaris ved mærdSterner offers a complete range of products as well as complete systems for water treatment in well boats. Sterner holds a certificate from the The Norwegian Medicines Agency of our system for surface disinfection of wells and the piping system of well boats.

The system makes use of the AquaZone process, which is Sterner’s own process, make use of ozone generators from Wedeco. These ozone generators are known to be amongst the most reliable and robust to be found in the market.

Sterner has in close cooperation with Krone Filter Solutions of Germany developed a compact pressurized filters that work at the lowest pressure in the market.

Wedeco’s certified UV-systems of Quadron type ensures the highest security for the disinfection of the well boat water. This system is the most commonly installed at new ships in Norway during recent years.

Furtherly we deliver drum filters, injektors, oxygen generators, compressors, control and monitoring systems for managing the quality in the water in the wells.