Calibrating your Handy Polaris

Now that you’ve chosen you Handy Polaris dissolved oxygen meter to help you take accurate DO readings in the water, it’s important to know how to maintain and service your instrument.

OxyGuard’s range of Handy Polaris dissolved oxygen meters (Polaris, Polaris 2, Polaris 2 TGP) are all easy to use and simple to maintain, but there are some basics to help you. Firstly always store your Handy in the storage pouch in a warm, dry room. If you’re using your unit for the first time in a while, it may need to be renovated. This is often seen by a build of white crystals on the tip of the probe.

To renovate your probe, we’ve got a handy view below, but it’s important to ensure you’ve got everything you need fist. To renovate your instrument you’ll need Type 1 Electrolyte and Handy Membranes.

If you’re any questions or queries, you can call our service department on 01463 250275. We also provide a professional and robust service centre for all OxyGuard instruments at our office in Inverness.

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