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Sharing some of the same characteristics as the Premier range, with a differing plastic neck moulding, eliminating fibrous edges and loose fibre migrating downstream as well as adding durability, this style of bag arrangement has become popular due to its simplicity and strength.

Choose the all-polypropylene or all-polyester (bag and neck) media and benefit from a welded neck offering greater protection against bypass. SPECTRUM Standard nylon bag comes with a polypropylene neck ring.

  • Maximum Temperature: 95°C (polypropylene), 150°C (polyester) 160°C (nylon)
  • Available in polypropylene felt, polyester felt and nylon monomesh
  • DWI Reg 31

Bag Filters (Standard Neck)

Bag filters are used to remove sediment, debris and gelatinous particles from liquids in higher flow or viscosity applications.

Fluid processes where high solids content and wide ranges of sizes and shapes of particles, require removal, benefit from the very large ‘dirt holding’ capacity of bag filters, making them the economical bulk solids removal solution.

SPECTRUM ranges include 3 grades of bag, Economic single skin, Standard double skin and Premier multi skin with microfibre layers. The choice between the grades is dependent upon the budget parameters, the required service life and the desired level of purity of the filtrate.

With the most suited grade chosen, flow rate and the contaminant volume, type and size are considered to opt for the best suited size and micron rating of the bag. SPECTRUM bags are suitable for applications using a housing or open filtration systems and offer options of neck ring styles to suit.