Water used by patients for mouth rinsing should be bacteria free. Bench-top sterilisers are fed with water which must be free of impurities, as this can affect the instruments and cause scale build-up on expensive equipment. Water must also be bacteria free to prevent cross contamination of instruments. This area is considered critical as it falls under the guidance given in HTM 01-05.

Traditionally, pure water fed into benchtop sterilisers was produced using a reverse osmosis (RO) system. There are issues with using this technology in this application, as RO systems work well when run often but take time (and waste water) getting to the purity level required. Since benchtop sterilisers typically require a small amount of very pure water then it is better practice to look at de-ionisation techniques to achieve the desired result. For this application, and for feeding water to the patient, bacteria free water is also wanted, meaning another stage of absolute bacteria removal is required.

With our partners, Sterner constantly develops products and systems to solve issues experienced in industry, it is this technical knowledge as well as validated certified products that provides support to the Dental industry to meet the stringent standards required for patient safety.

The Challenges

  • Reduce benchtop steriliser issues from the production of pure water
  • Removal of bacteria from water introduced to patient
  • Control of water from hardness scaling equipment and bacteria causing contamination
  • Compliance with standards including HTM 01-05 guidance
  • Patient and staff safety
  • Requirement for simple and effective maintenance
  • Certification of supplier and products
  • Product delivery lead times