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Domestic Water Treatment

If your water is sourced from a bore hole, loch or other non-municipal source then you may susceptible to a variable quality of water. Natural sources can provide exceptional water, however they are susceptible to change, and if your water source is being used for anything other than domestic use i.e. holiday lets, chalet, B+B, then you have an obligation to put protective measures in place so that others are not harmed by your water supply.

Diseases such as cryptosporidiosis, e-coli and gastroentiritis are all water borne and have been found in private water supplies over the past ten years.

Our treatment solution is to use Aquada UV units from Xylem's Wedeco. Installation of these systems will ensure effective removal of pathogens to a LOG 4 rating, which provides a kill rate of 99.99%. By using UV to remove pathogens, no chemicals are required, and therefore the water remains in its natural state, with no taste, odour or colouration. Typically, particle filtration will be required prior to the UV to ensure the effectiveness of the treatment. This can be in a standard 10" or 20" bag filter, or perhaps a sand filter depending on the flow rates required. We can supply a full water test, design and installation service.

Grant funding is available up to £800 to cover the cost of installation of new equipment, or even of upgrading existing equipment.