Drinking water

Sterner has developed a unique process called Aquazone® (ozone/bioreactor and UV) for the disinfection and color removal of drinking water. The process contains two hygienic barriers: A ozone oxidation and a UV-radiation.  The Aquazone® is a pure treatment without the use of chemicals.

The use of UV in the disinfection of water is a well proven and much used method for disinfection. The most common areas of application are drinking water and process water. UV-disinfection is also widely used for several other purposes – as for eksample in the disinfection of effluents.

Ozone (O3)
Ozone is one of the most potent oxidising agents that we know of. Ozone is generated from O2 (oxygen) during electrical discharges (in nature during lightning). Ozone can also be used as a bleaching agent (color removal) and is an approved method of disinfection in several applications, amongst which water treatment