emergency lighting designed, installed, tested and inspected

Why do we need this?

Emergency lighting systems are installed to provide assistance in evacuating a building in the event of fire or the loss of electrical power.

The Fire Precautions (workplace) Regulations 1997 state; all emergency routes and exits which require lighting must be provided with emergency power of an adequate illumination to assist with a safe evacuation.

What does inspection and testing involve?

It is a requirement that every circuit supplying an illuminated emergency fitting is isolated to demonstrate that the internal battery in the emergency fitting keeps the exits illuminated during a power failure.

Every 12 months a 3 hour run down test is performed to ensure the battery is capable of doing so for the desired period. Each light is inspected to ensure it operates correctly and that the lamp inside is sound.
Furthermore the inspecting engineer will ensure that there are a sufficient number of lights and that the correct evacuation legends are fitted.

At Sterner we offer regular planned testing for emergency lighting systems.