A large part of our operations are in servicing fresh water aquaculture, in farmed salmon, trout and other species. We cover the whole of the UK, Northern Isles and Ireland, and are the authorised dealer for a whole range of products such as Hydrotech filters, OxyGuard monitoring, YSI monitoring, ArvoTec feeders, Wedeco UV systems, Alvestad Marin and AquaScan.

Our experienced sales team regularly visit all areas of the UK and Ireland, and are an excellent first point of contact for any queries. We sell and install a complete range of products to support fresh water operations, from egg through to adulthood, and our team have an excellent knowledge of best practice for many operations day to day operations on a farm.

We regularly host demonstration events around the country, where one of our clients kindly allows us to set up operations on their farm and demonstrate to others exactly how equipment works, its benefits and value. Very often, feedback from these sessions is given directly to the manufacturers who incorporate suggestions into future developments.

As technology and experience grow, aquaculture equipment and methods are ever changing. We can help you to stay abreast of these changes, and provide you with the latest equipment to suit your requirements. Monitoring, alarm and control systems are immensely important, not just for husbandry and stock welfare, but for data logging and compliance with ever more stringent legislation. Our combination of OxyGuard monitoring and controls and YSI instruments provide an excellent solution ranging from single tank portable monitoring through to full site management and control. Inlet and effluent water treatment through filtration either Hydrotech drum or disc filters, coupled with UV treatment systems from Wedeco can provide water quality in excess of municipal drinking water. Hatcheries can take advantage of Alvestad's unique CompHatch systems to provide excellent facilities for hatching and first feeding, and also Arvotec's automatic feeders for later stage development.

All farms require to sort, grade and count, and our suite of Aqualife fish pumps, coupled to Apollo graders with AquaScan counters provides the perfect solution, no matter the size of fish. Vaccinator machines from Rossi can provide that final step to having your day to day operations capable of being carried out by two operatives.

Of course, all the equipment can be installed, serviced and maintained by our trained and qualified engineers.

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