About Sterner


Sterner is today the largest Norwegian owned supplier in large water treatment systems. Our progress comes from our ability to implement our products into new applications and markets, through the development of new processes and new solutions. At the beginning of Sterner in the years after 1990 our engagement was towards the aquaculture industry, with simple hand helt measuring devices and oxygen enrichment of water.

Our vision is to adapt modern technology into a economic, user friendly and safe solution, where both life span and running costs are taken into account.

Our advances are based on a thorough understanding of the needs of the industry, as well as our ability to use new technology and modern control and monitoring systems. Our contribution has been a marking factor in the modernization of land based aquaculture, where our solutions still are in front.

Our management is convinced in always recruiting people that complement the existing know-how and skills of the company. Gradually, an increasing number of engagements has demanded a project orientated organization and a larg capacity for supporting our customers with service and replacement work.

We supply process equipment as well as complete systems in water treatment, and our customers can be found in aquaculture, well boats, food industry and the municipal services (drinking water and wastewater). Our solutions in gas-exchange, filtering, purification and disinfection has in many ways become standards of the industry.

Innovative solutions:

  • Sterner’s unique CO2-aerators makes it possible to double the output in aquaculture without increasing the water flow. This is a remarkably low investment for increased profit.
  • Sterner’s unique oxygen mixers, the most effective in the market today.
  • We were the first to deliver sludge dryers for aquaculture that could bring the dry matter content above 90%, to ensure a stable and storage safe product. We also guarantee a 50 % reduction in organic reduction of the effluent.
  • Sterner is a leading supplier of solutions in biogas using sludge from aquaculture. The increased investment in post-smolt plants makes such solutions highly useful.
  • We deliver module based units for recirculation (RAS).
  • We have delivered turn key equipment ready in container, along with skid-mounted water treatment units for water end polishing and disinfection to more the 25 of the largest cruise ships in the world.

We follow closely the development of new technology and we are anticipating that our solutions may become a part of larger systems and solutions in the future.

We are well equipped for the future and we bring with us a unique track record of developing water treatment. Although we ar growing in size, we strive to keep our heart and head eager, flexible and innovative.

We hereby invite you to a close cooperation in where we serve you with the best possible solution available.