Lowara Pumps

Lowara has been manufacturing high quality, cost-effective pumping systems for well over 40 years. Supporting its customer with a focus on developing long-term economical solutions, Lowara pumps can be used in a variety of pumping solutions for both water and chemical based liquids.

Supplying only Lowara’s finest AISI 304 and 316 stainless steel range, the Lowara pumps we sell here at Sterner are:

Lowara Self Priming Centrifugal Pump
Lightweight, durable, high performance. Just three words we would use to describe Lowara’s self-priming centrifugal range. It’s so good you will probably want to buy the garden version with handles and an integrated terminal box as a spare.

Lowara Submersible Pumps
Ideal for pumping out ditches, irrigating gardens or draining cellars, the Lowara submersible sump pump range varies from everyday domestic use to commercial irrigation.

Lowara Flood Kit

In an emergency, you need a quick and easy to deploy emergency dewatering system. Clearing flood water in seconds, the Lowara flood kit is ideal for flooded basements, garages and other areas of a residential home that can quickly be consumed by water. The kit consists of a Lowara DOC3 drainage pump and a six-metre flexible hose with a quick coupling that fits inside a plastic container for ease of storage.

The Latest Lowara Technology at Sterner AquaTech UK.

At Sterner, we supply a wide range of top end brands, including a comprehensive selection of Lowara pumps. With over 40 years experience, Lowara has become a leading manufacturer of hydraulic pumps, water pumps and submersible pump technology. Built to be resilient, reliable and lost lasting, Lowara pumps offer an ideal range of requirements for residential, agricultural or industrial applications.

Lowara has made further advances in pump technology with a range of submersible pumps. Quiet, dependable and high quality, submersible pumps have the obvious hydraulic advantage of working under the water. From small sump drainers to pumping stations, at Anchor Pumps, we have pumps suitable for clean and dirty water applications which can be supplied with or without a float switch.

Lowara provides a variety of pumps to help with pressurisation, fire-fighting systems, dewatering and irrigation. With this, Lowara also offers drinking water processes, water treatment and the provision of washing equipment and machine tool cooling.