AquaLife Products

Magic Valley Heli-Arc is the manufacturer of globally distributed Aqua-Life Products. MVH focuses all research, design and production on the harvesting, transferring and transporting of live fish and shrimp. To accommodate a large diversity of applications , 22 models of fish pumps are available in both submersible and non-submersible configurations along with application specific dewatering, and complete mobile transfer and harvester systems.

Aqua-Life products are built to perform and proven to excel, even in the most challenging applications.


OxyGuard International AS is our supplier of fish farmmonitoring systems and accessories. Since 1987, they have supplied oxygen meters to the fish farming industry and developed their PC-based monitor and control system Commander in 2001.


The Arvo-Tec control system is a fully integrated feeding measurement and alarm system Feed amounts are automatically calculated separately for each tanks according to automatically updated biomass data, incoming water temperature and the oxygen content,

Working with Sterner, our TD2000 Feeder is the most accurate feeder ever made, with dosing from 0.3g to 100g for fish of all sizes. Our systems are designed to operate with 8, 16, 24 or 32 independent feed channels per control box.


For over 25 years, HydroTech filters have been used in aquaculture. Now part of the Veolia Water Group, HydroTech have been providing robust, easy to use filtration solutions to fish farms across the world.
Our filters are of robust construction, with few moving parts, thus ensuring a long lifetime and low maintenance costs. HydroTech offer both Drumfilter and Discfilter options for filtration solutions, with the best solution for your need being determined by our team at Sterner. They will work with you to identify the filter that meets your needs ensuring that the specification is correct for your flow rates.

NP Innovation AB

.. develops, produces and sells pressureless filter systems of the type of drum and disc filters. Function and design taken care of in such a way that operation, maintenance and service life represent the best available on the market. The filters are simple with good operational reliability and low maintenance requirements and are specially used for filtering of process and wastewater from industrial facilities. They are also installed in various industrial applications as well as in drinking water treatment and polishing of wastewater at municipal wastewater treatment plants.

Skala Maskon

Skala Maskon has vast experience in the advanced camera based technologies used in machines with a need for high speed quality inspection and in bespoke automated systems. Over the last few years Maskon has become involved in the aquaculture industry, and have forged a partnership with Sterner in the UK.

Our best known machines are our quality sorting machines for salmon and trout eggs, and most recently the high-speed vaccination machine for juvenile fish, As part of the process line, Maskon also offers a new twin-chamber anesthetic system together with a buffer tank.


YSI's range of IP67 rated, robust handheld meters offer a solution to all measurement needs. Working closely with Sterner, YSI have brought the range of multi- parameter, robust meters to aquaculture across the UK & Ireland. Whether measuring DO, Salinity, Conductivity, pH, ORP, Chloride, Nitrate or many more, YSI offers single parameter and multi parameter static and handheld meters.


Xylem's Wedeco are one of the world's largest manufacturers of ozone and UV systems. They have a very wide range of models and sizes that embrace widely in terms of both the amount of water and the type of water to be disinfected. Today, Wedeco's UV plants are installed in waterworks, ships, wellboats, industry, fish farms, sewage treatment plants, etc. worldwide.

Maskinfabrikken Apollo

Our range of 4, 5, 7 and 10 track graders are the industry leader for reliability and ease of use. Our fish graders are well known for their accuracy, quick and smooth grading as well as their compact nature, whilst maintaining a high capacity.

With the option for 3 or 4 outlets, our graders are ideal for fish 1-650g and 5-750g. Working with Sterner, the APOLLO grader is an ideal part of Sterner’s turn key Pumping, Grading and Counting solutions, ideal for Trout and Salmon.

AirSep Inc.

AirSep is the world's foremost producer of self-production generators for both medical and industrial use. The company is represented in over 100 countries and Sterner UK is the supplier of these products in the United Kingdom.

Alvestad Marin

Alvestad Marin are a leading supplier of products and hatchery system solutions to the fish farming industry. AM have developed, patented and commercialised unique solutions for the production of fry.
Alvestad Marin’s CompHatch hatching system is a complete hatchery with greater capacity, better control and easier handling during the hatching process than traditional systems, allowing for 1 million fry to be produced in just 6 square metres.


We have a wide range of fish counters to meet the demands of the smallest fish farms to the largest well-boats and processing plants. Our fish counters utilise state of the art optical technology, electronics and software to ensure that the operators are always provided with accurate information about the fish. In addition to the impressive accuracy of our counters, it is also important for us to deliver durable units able to work flawlessly in the harsh marine environment for years.

Our counting systems are advanced machinery that ́s easy to use, easy to move and gets the job done quickly with the minimum of manpower.


Bernoulli System AB is the inventor and original manufacturer of Bernoulli Filters, self-cleaning filters for continuous filtration of liquids in pressurized systems. The unique cleaning operation based on Bernoulli’s principle ensures a reliable, robust and low-maintenance product. The filters can be used to remove debris from natural water sources such as sea water or river water.

BGB Marine

BGB Marine manufacture, design and support Sterner with their underwater lighting and cameras. Primary applications include cage illuminators for photoperiod manipulation within fish farming with the Pisces range of underwater lights.

Alongside lighting and camera products, BGB Marine also manufacture a wide range of cables and connectors and cage/dock side control boxes. BGB with Sterner offer an extensive repair and servicing programme for the range of BGB lights


Euskan design and manufacture vacuum systems for pumping live fish as well as dead haul. Since being established in 2007, our aim is to manufacturer vacuum systems which achieve gentle and quick handling of fish.

The design of our pumping systems are based on experience gained over a number of years and from all over the world with various species. Euskan can supply pumps for almost any kind of application; from pumping small quantities of fingerlings to pumping big volumes of bigger fish for slaughtering.


Lykkegaard have been involved in the manufacture of pumps since 1883! We are the leading manufacturer of propellor pumps for aquaculture world-wide, exporting to over 40 countries. Our pumps are produced in steel for fresh water applications and HDPE for seawater, RAS and conventional systems.

Our vision is production of the LOWEST ELECTRICITY BILL for fish farmers. All pumps are customised for each customers’ need in order to provide the highest efficiency with the lowest operational cost for each individual project.