Vik Settefisk, modular RAS

A modular RAS system provides a very low risk of infection. In addition, new water into the plant is thoroughly cleaned, both sea and fresh water.

Key figures for LR-12 modul (12 meter):
Volum 440 m3
Max biomass 33 tonn
«Flow» over CO2 aerator and through carts 15 000 l/min
Max feeding 450 kg / day
Surface biomedia 45 000 m2
Calculated CO2 at maximum biomass is about 15 mg/l
Power consumption at max feeding ca. 40 kw – Installed effect ca. 50 kw – Energy for temp adjustment 10-50 kw


Delivery, assembly and commissioning of RAS plants to the cultivation plant at Oslomarka Fisheries Administration. Monitoring facility for the fishing facility and RAS module.

The facility consists of:
RAS module
Drum filter for wastewater
pH adjustment facility
Biofilter - Moving bed and Fixed bed
CO2 air purifiers for central air
Pumpkum for return water to RAS module
Level control and overflow control
Pumps with overflow control
OxyGuard monitoring
12 pairs of fish cages
1 piece of outdoor fishing tackle Ø 6m
Wedeco UV
Pump, damper valves and diffuser stones

Nesfossen Smolt AS, oxygen generation

Construction: 2014
3 x Oxytech 6000, 3 x Ø12 m oxygen generators

Flatanger Settefisk AS

Year of construction: 2015
Application: Slam treatment MAT process
Maximum weekly lining: 20 tonnes
Smolt production: 7.5 mill
Total performance per year: 700 tonnes

Wastewater treatment

Enebakk kommune, Kirkebygda RA

Year built: 2012-15
Inlet and pre-treatment, biotrin (MBBR), chemical felling / flocculation, sludge separation (flotation) sludge storage / dewatering
Load / capacity:
15000 pe, Qdim = 225 m3 / h, BOF 5dim = 900 kg / d

Skjåk kommune, Bismo-Skjåk RA

Year built: 2015-16
Pre-treatment, biotrin, chemical felling / flotation, sludge treatment
Load / capacity:
1600 pe, Qdim = 58 m3 / h, BOF 5dim = 100 kg / d

Drinking Water

Hole kommune

Total contract on processing equipment for Bønsnes water treatment plant

Water from Tyrifjorden comes into two raw water pools in the old waterworks, and the water levels in the pools are similar to the water level in Tyrifjorden. The first cleaning step is a sieve in each of the pools which removes larger particles from the water. The raw water is pumped to the new waterworks. Here, ozone gas is mixed into the water before it splits into two contact tanks. The contact tanks ensure that the water is exposed to ozone gas for a sufficient length of time. Furthermore, the water passes through four parallel biofilters, which are big thoughts with activated charcoal and some fumes. After the biofilters, the water goes to the 2nd disinfecting barrier, which is the UV plants. There are two UV systems, but only one that is in operation at a time. Water glasses are added for pH adjustment and corrosion control of the wiring system. It is also possible to add chlorine. Then the finished water passes to two water pools. The water to the spy water pool is not added to chemicals. The clean water pools provide two sets of pressure-boosting pumps that pump water to the height pools at Gjesvoldåsen and Leinåsen.

Year built: 2012
Ant. Biofilters: 4
No. Contact tanks: 2
Application: Humus removal
Load / Capacity: 216 m3 / h
Type of contract: Total contract
Consultant: COWI AS
Oxygen generator: 2 x AirSep AS-G
Ozone generator: 2 x Wedeco SMO200S
Raw water source: Tyrifjord
UV system: 2 x Wedeco BX1000

Flora kommune, Florø vassverk

Year built: 2011-12
Application: Carbonization plant
Load / capacity: 560 m3 / h
Consultant: Norconsult, Sogndal
Raw water source: Sagavatnet

Asker og Bærum vannverk, Kattås vba.

Total contract for processing plant for Kattås water treatment plant

The processing facility contains
UV systems
Chlorine Dosing feeders
Instruments for testing / monitoring of water quality
Valves and valve control / pneumatics
Automatic washing machine for UV systems
component Labeling

Year built: 2008-09
Load / Capacity: 5400 m3 / h
Type of contract: Total contract
Consultant: SWECO
Raw water source: Holsfjorden
UV system: 10 x Wedeco LBX1000


Havyard MMC AS, M/S Ronja Polaris

Year built: 2014
Filter: 3 x HDF 1204
Oxygen generator: 2 x Airsep AS-N
Ozone system: 2 x SMO400S
UV system: 3 x Quadron 1200

Havyard MMC AS, Bakkafrost (M/S Hans A. Bakka)

Year of construction: 2015
Filter: 3 x NP Drum Filter T1212
Ozone system: SMO evo 410S / SMO evo510S