Selcoth Oxygen Generation Container

With an urgent requirement for oxygen generation onsite due to the threat to liquid oxygen supplies caused by the Coronavirus, Selcoth approached Sterner to provide a turnkey on-site plant.

Our oxygen generation containers, makes use of the highest quality equipment from our partners KAESER and Airsep.   Utilising a KAESER Compressor and AirSep AS-L Oxygen generator, to provide a guaranteed supply on site up to 40kg of Oxygen per hour.

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Aberdeen University Aquarium Refurbishment

The Department of Life Sciences, Aberdeen University, operates an aquarium department which has fresh, marine and warm water facilities to provide experimental services for students, staff and external bodies. They identified that their systems were becoming difficult to manage and maintain, and that their ongoing running costs were high, and only increasing. It was therefore decided to instigate a project of upgrading and renewal of the facility.
Initially the scope of the project was restricted to one system, but very quickly it increased in size to include all the aquarium facilities. The University identified key elements:
Energy costs
Maintenance costs
Monitoring and alarm systems for life support

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FAI Ardtoe Marine Research Station Refurbishment

From March 2014, Sterner were engaged by FAI to design various elements of the facility at Ardtoe. From the initial discussions on inlet treatment for the sea water intake, the brief expanded to include updated site distribution, water storage, disinfection for the site supply, and then the design of the trials unit facility. This building incorporates five identical rooms for challenge works up to Home Office approved standards, and has the capability to run sea or fresh water at a range of temperatures. The final part of the main design works was the design of the effluent treatment plant which disinfects the effluent from the trials facility such that it is safe to discharge back into the sea.

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Vik Settefisk, modular RAS

A modular RAS system provides a very low risk of infection. In addition, new water into the plant is thoroughly cleaned, both sea and fresh water.

Key figures for LR-12 modul (12 meter):
Volum 440 m3
Max biomass 33 tonn
«Flow» over CO2 aerator and through carts 15 000 l/min
Max feeding 450 kg / day
Surface biomedia 45 000 m2
Calculated CO2 at maximum biomass is about 15 mg/l
Power consumption at max feeding ca. 40 kw – Installed effect ca. 50 kw – Energy for temp adjustment 10-50 kw


Delivery, assembly and commissioning of RAS plants to the cultivation plant at Oslomarka Fisheries Administration. Monitoring facility for the fishing facility and RAS module.

The facility consists of:
RAS module
Drum filter for wastewater
pH adjustment facility
Biofilter - Moving bed and Fixed bed
CO2 air purifiers for central air
Pumpkum for return water to RAS module
Level control and overflow control
Pumps with overflow control
OxyGuard monitoring
12 pairs of fish cages
1 piece of outdoor fishing tackle Ø 6m
Wedeco UV
Pump, damper valves and diffuser stones