50pk Aquafilter FCPS1 1 Micron 10″ Filter

£59.99 (£49.99 exc. VAT)

  • Competitive Pricing
  • FDA CFR Title 21 Compliance
  • Removal ratings from 1 to 50 micron
  • 85% efficiency at stated nominal micron rating
  • Consistently efficient filters
  • Provides excellent filtration with low inlet pressure
  • Provides first stage filtration for potable water*
  • Chemical resistant
  • Prevents development of microorganisms
  • Made in the EU with High Quality materials
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FCPS1 series cartridges are an ideal true depth filters and can be used for filtration of cold potable water.

Aquafilter wide range of melt-blown cartridges has multiple fibre zones. These multi-fibre zones provide a graded pore structure throughout the filter’s depth. FCPS1 filter cartridges have been designed to capture and retain contaminants throughout the entire cross section of the filter.

The multiple fibre zones give our filter cartridges a major competitive advantage over other melt-blown filters with fewer pore size gradients in their structure.

Aquafilter melt-blown filters demonstrate true graded depth filtration, the results are long filter service life, therefore lower consumable costs. The new, modern, automatic manufacturing equipment used to produce our wide range of melt-blown cartridge filters delivers consistently efficient filters at low costs.

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