Aquafilter FCHOT2 Sediment filter cartridge for HOT Water

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  • FDA CFR Title 21 Compliance
  • 85% efficiency at stated nominal micron rating
  • Consistently efficient filters
  • Provides excellent filtration with low inlet pressure
  • Provides first stage filtration for potable water*
  • Chemical resistant
  • Prevents development of microorganisms
  • Made in the EU with High Quality materials
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The FCHOT2 Sediment filter cartridge for HOT water suitable for POU (Point of Use) and POE (Points of Entry) installations. Through its polypropylene filter media, FCHOT1 and FCHOT2 not only removes solids in suspension (up to 5 micron) but it is suitable for high temperatures, protecting your hot water stream from solids and enhancing a continuous supply of clean water free of sediments.

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