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This controller recreates the natural water currents of rivers and coral reefs to maximise wellbeing in saltwater or freshwater aquariums.

Deigned to control up to 2 NEWA Wave pumps, the system controls any type of motion pump up to a maximum of 100W for each outlet.

Easy to use, the dual programme for an alternate (ON-OFF/OFF-ON) or synchronous (ON-ON/OFF-OFF) movement of water. The two knobs for adjusting the ON/OFF pulse rate times of the pumps provide flexibility for adjusting the water flow.

The “Food” button stops the pumps so that fish can feed peacefully. The digital displays enable easy monitoring of the control system.

A switch allows pumps and the control system to be switched off for aquarium maintenance without disconnecting from the socket. Stylish enough to be left on display and small enough to be easily concealed.

Small Size
Ready & Easy To Use
Flow Program
Single Power Cord
Feeding Time

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