Spectrum Low Energy SRO-4040-2500-LE RO 4″ Membrane

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Significantly reduces energy consumption

Offsets negative effects of cold water permeate production

Operating a reverse osmosis system was once seen as a costly, inefficient method of producing purified water. Using ultra low energy membranes can dispel these myths by significantly improving overall system performance and drastically reducing operating cost. Traditional membrane elements operate between 10.3 – 15.5 bar. Ultra low energy membranes offer running pressures as low as 5.5 bar whilst maintaining a typical rejection rate of 98.5%. Perfectly suited to counter the negative effects of cold feed water temperatures on RO permeate water production and  providing a simple solution to boosting the output of existing systems, the ultra low energy range provide high flow rates at even lower operating pressures.
The AXEON HF5 range of membranes are the only elements on the market that provide all the benefits of a standard low energy RO membrane while operating at this 5.5 bar specification.

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