Sludge from fish farms is typically generated in filtering systems. Filters used in fish farms require a lot of flushing water, which gives very low solids content (500 - 3000 mg SS / L). The sludge from cleaning the filter screens should therefore be as concentrated as possible the end volume is as low as possible.

Our solution in brief:
Sterner's MAT process consists of gravimetric thickening, polymer addition and flocculation, dewatering and drying.

"Flushing" sludge from filters enter the plant and after the process, the end product is granules with solids content of more than 90%. This is a storage stable product.


  • Delivered systems have shown stable operation and stable results
  • The process works equally well on all types of sludge
  • Sterner documents that compliance with emission requirements is achieved
  • Sterner's MAT process is a stable and robust process that requires only daily supervision
  • It has the market's lowest operating costs
  • It can handle varying dry matter content in the fishing sludge
  • It is delivered in several different sizes, adapted to current or desired production
  • Sterner AS carries out jar or pilot tests on the sludge prior to construction design
  • Sterner AS also supplies wastewater filtration systems and will thus be a complete supplier of the entire cleaning process where applicable.
  • The process is based on well-proven components where the secret lies in making the subprocesses function optimally in relation to each other

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