Sterner AS supplies processes for both municipal and industrial wastewater. This includes mechanical, chemical and / or biological treatment, but not least within sludge treatment and biogas. We have development projects on different systems at any time, which gives us and the customer the opportunity to use the best available technology.

Mechanical treatment:
Sterner supplies all types of grids, presses, washers, belts, filtering etc. from reputable suppliers.

Chemical treatment:
Sterner supplies coagulation / flocculation in tank or pipe solutions, sedimentation (lamellar or traditional) and flotation.

Biological treatment / biogas:
On aerobic solutions (MBBR) we work with Aqwise,  a major supplier of such systems worldwide in both municipal and industrial wastewater. Anaerobic solutions come from Aqana, which possesses unique technology for converting aerobic plants to anaerobic plants for the production of biogas.

Sludge treatment / biogas:
Sterner has very high competence in sludge treatment, both in traditional concentration or utilization of sludge for biogas production.

We provide systems for disinfecting wastewater based on UV, ozone or hypochlorite.

Through this, Sterner AS is a complete supplier of the entire value chain in wastewater treatment. Sterner delivers turnkey solutions where modern technology, from ourselves or others, is adapted to the actual wastewater. The result is a user-friendly and efficient solution with long service life and low operating costs.


New requirements for fish farms say that you must remove at least 50% SS and 20% BOF in total from a fish farm. In addition, sludge treatment will also be an important issue for concepts based on closed seaways.

Sterner's MAT process works so that the sewage from the waste filters enters one end of the plant and a granule with solids content of more than 90% comes out at the end of the plant. This is then storage stable so that you can store the sludge on the plant and reduce the rate of collection. Read more about the process here.