UV light is effective against contaminants such as bacteria, viruses, mould spores, algae and other micro-organisms as it prevents growth and reproduction. If left untreated, these organisms remain in the water and produce a bio-film coating throughout the water system which harbours more bacteria and makes the water less safe to use or drink.

Commonly Used To Reduce

  • Bacteria
  • Viruses
  • Mould Spores
  • Algae
  • Cysts
residential water treatment uv

Aquada Series UV disinfection system

The Aquada UV system is suitable everywhere that drinking water is taken from its own sources or where the quality from public networks insufficiently meets the desired needs. Moreover, it is used in residential treatment plants for water disinfection, as well as in schools, restaurants, campgrounds, cottages, businesses, hotels, hospitals, yachts, private swimming pools, fountains, water attractions, RVs, and more

Sabre UV Disinfection Systems

Sabre UV System

The SPECTRUM SABRE range of Ultraviolet (UV) disinfection systems have been designed to offer high dosage of UV light that destroys the DNA of micro-organisms in water. This prevents the micro-organisms from growing and reproducing.

A/B-PE Series UV disinfection system

A/B-PE Series UV disinfection system

The UV disinfection systems of the A/B-PE Series inactivate bacteria, viruses, yeasts, parasites and cryptosporidium efficiently and in an environmentally friendly manner without the use of chemicals.

Safe and reliable disinfection is guaranteed by industry leading authorities (Type Approval of Norwegian Veterinary Institute) and backed by a large, global installed base in various applications including aquaculture, aquariums and thermal springs.

BX Series UV disinfection system

BX UV systems are easily maintained through simple disassembly with manual cleaning or the standard integrated chemical rinsing system. In addition, Wedeco BX equipment can be optionally fitted with an automatic wiping system, which prevents the formation of organic and inorganic deposits on the protective quartz sleeves. The result is fewer interruptions to operation since the system eliminates manual cleaning of the quartz sleeves. The chemical-free, automatic wiping system works with PTFE wiper rings; these rings are not impaired by the UV light.

Spektron UV Disinfection Water Treatment System

Spektron UV Disinfection Water Treatment System

The Wedeco Spektron series is a proven, energy-efficient UV solution for the disinfection of drinking water, process water, and other high UV transmittance liquids, with more than 2,000 installed systems worldwide. Xylem's Wedeco Spektron UV systems have also been extensively tested to meet the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency’s UV Disinfection Guidance Manual (USEPA’s UVDGM, 2006) and certified to the German DVGW and Austrian ONORM standards.